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Relaxatio, LED light Therapy, the natural way to soothe pain while aiding your
body's recovery process. The powerful LED red and infrared beams penetrate
deeply into your skin, muscles and joints. The treatment of injuries comes with
multiple benefits such as pain relief and function restoration of the affected

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Adventages of Relaxatio:

・Increased blood circulation delivering more oxygen and nutrients
・Safe, non-invasive, chemical-free
・3 Distinct wavelengthes
・Large treatment surface
・Light weight and portable
・Use effectively anywhere on body
・Treats a wide variety of condition

Over the last few years, light therapy has been adopted by the world's leading doctors. Due to its proven benefits to the skin, it is currently being used by more board-certified medical physicians in t he United States and around the world, treating chronic pain, nerve damage and promoting athletic recovery.

Relaxatio was designed to eliminate pain - normally caused by damage to our tissues. As we grow older our body stores less energy which results in longer recovery from injuries and higher levels of inflammation which can lead to chronic pain. Relaxatio, LED light pain relief device, is the natural solution to ease pain while aiding your body in its recovery process.

Relaxatio provides damaged cells with the vital energy necessary to quickly renew and recover in the most optimal way. The powerful LED red and infrared beams of Relaxatio penetrate deeply into your skin and muscles to soothe pain, reduce inflammation and restore the function of the affected body tissue.

The light photons are absorbed by photoacceptors in your cells' mitochondria, which convert the light into ATP - stored energy in our body, that works as the fuel that enables cells to perform cellular tasks and biological processes. This boost of energy at the cellular level increases the blood circulation to the treated area, bringing more proteins and oxygen that are essential for recovery and healing, micro-repairs tissues and decreases inflammation and pain. This process is comparable to plant photosynthesis, during which sunlight is absorbed by plants and converted to essential energy for the plants to grow and repair cell damage.

How to Use Relaxatio

STEP 1: Wash and dry the areas that you want to treat.

STEP 2: Press the On/Off Switch. The indicator LED will first shine red, after that, the treatment LEDs will also light up.
When the indicator lift is on - your Relaxatio is ready for treatment.

STEP 3: Place the TREATMENT SURFACE on the area that you want to treat.
Apply light pressure while slowly moving the APPLICATOR in small circular motions as shown in the image.
Keep the device in constant motion when in contact with the skin!

STEP 4: When you are done with your treatment, turn off the APPLICATOR by pressing the ON/OFF SWITCH.

STEP 5: It is imperative to clean the glass probe after each use. Unplug the device from its charging base to clean it.
Clean the probe thoroughly by using dry cloth, cotton ball or paper towel.
Refrain from using sanitizing substances to avoid paint damage.
Only the device’s glass probe is suitable for direct contact with creams and/or serums.

Maximize the Effectivenes

To boost the effectiveness of Relaxatio, use it with Lenio red algae infused gel. Red algae is a well-known miracle ingredient full of incredible therapeutic benefits for the skin.

Lenio conditions, hydrates, softens and detoxifies the skin and replenishing essential vitamins and minerals.

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It is recommended to first use the Relaxatio on clean skin for 10 minutes per treated area, then apply your preferred cream or gel and use the device for additional 5 minutes.

The treatment surface temperature will slowly increase. Remove the Relaxatio APPLICATOR from the skin if either the skin or the APPLICATOR is too hot.